Stray Cat Sits On Sidewalk And Attacks Pedestrians

When we are outdoors, we can also witness moments when mainly stray animals show us their gentle side. But not just the gentle side - it can also happen what happened in the video in front of you.

All the attention was stolen by a stray cat, who is obviously not in good relationship with random walkers.

The cat in the video was sitting on the sidewalk as complete strangers walked past it. Anyone who came at least a little closer to it was attacked by a stray cat, and the cat made many online users laugh.

To date, the video of the vengeful stray cat has reached more than 2.7 million views on the YouTube network alone, and there is no shortage of laughter at the scenes.

Take a look at the unusual act of a stray cat protecting its space on the sidewalk by defending it with all available means.
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