Student Pilot Loses Engine, Makes Perfect Emergency Landing

A few days ago, a video landed on the YouTube network in which we can follow the student pilot during air problems.

His plane's engine failed, forcing him to make an emergency landing in the field, and the entire scene was filmed by a camera.

The video of the emergency landing is already a real success on the YouTube network - it has garnered more than 300.00 views to date, and many online users have congratulated the pilot for being able to keep a cool head.

Brian Parsley is the pilot who was piloting a plane at the time of the incident - he is a student among the pilots who is still gaining his experience. The accident wanted the plane to hit him during the flight.

Despite great inconvenience and little experience, he managed to make an emergency landing by plane, and the video garnered a lot of attention online. See how a student pilot made an emergency landing of a plane.
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