Teacher Greets Her Schoolchildren In Most Unique Way To Wish Them Good Morning

A few months ago, a video was uploaded online, in which a loving teacher stole all the attention. Every morning she greets her schoolchildren in the most innovative way, and goodwill, thanks to the teacher, is never missing from the child.

From the private school of the Christ Episcopal Church School in Stevensville, Maryland, a video is coming in, in which we can see teacher Mrs. Sparks, who delights her students everyday on thier arrival at school.

In front of the classroom, there are four sheets on the wall, on which different images are drawn. Each student shows the teacher what kind of greeting they want from her side!

A scene shot by Mrs. Sparks' coworker at the camera has exceeded an incredible 55 million views on the Facebook network over four months, which is just one more proof of the remarkable gesture of the teacher.

We would trust such teachers our children with the greatest joy. Let's share this video among friends, so that they will also see how lovely teachers are in the world!

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