The Kangaroo Can't Stop Hugging Australian Volunteer Who Saved Its Life

At the end of last month, the Web was surrounded by a touching video from Australia, which has cried many animal lovers.

Good people rescued a kangaroo named Abigail years ago, and at the shelter these days they filmed a moving scene that will hit your feelings too!

The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs, Facebook
The kangaroo lost her mother at the age of a few months, but was fortunately found by the good people from The Kangaroo Sanctuary of Alice Springs, located in Australia.

The animal shelter was a perfect place for Abigail the kangaroo. The animal shows her gratitude to rescuers everyday, even if it was saved already ten years ago.

The video's authors wrote next to it that Abigail still continues to embrace the volunteers who saved her life years ago. Another testament to how emotional and grateful wild animals can be!

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