The Largest Plane In The World, The Stratolaunch, Performed Its First Test Flight

In California, a first test flight was successfully completed by the Stratolaunch aircraft, which has the largest wingspan in the world. The largest plane will not be used to carry passengers, but will help with the proper takeoff of the missiles.

The six-engine airplane took off from an airport and a military launch in the desert of Mojave, a few miles north of Los Angeles.

The first test flight was successful, and the airplane flew in the air for two hours, then successfully completed the landing. Test pilot Evang Thomas of Scaled Composites, who constructed the plane, said after the flight that the flying was fantastic and everything went smoothly.

The company Scaled Composites, which is also the owner of the aircraft, was founded by billionaire Paul Allen in 2011.

The wingspan of the Stratolaunch aircraft is an incredible 117 meters (383 feet), almost 30 meters more than the wingspan of Airbus A380-800. The aircraft with the largest wingspan in the world weighs up to 580 tons, has six engines and as many as 28 wheels.
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