The Most Violent Turbulence Sends Flight Attendant Into Plane Ceiling

Today, the web encircled a terrifying video clip that was captured on camera during flight on the Boeing 737-300 plane. Passengers experienced a violent turbulence, and one of them managed to capture the entire horror on the camera.

At the accident, 10 passengers were injured, while the scenes scared all those who are scared of flying.

During the Air Lubo flight from Pristina, Kosovo to Basel, Switzerland, there was a severe turbulence in the air that caused a lot of panic among the passengers on the plane.

Already at the start of the clip, it's possible to see scared passengers, and then only after a few seconds the real drama just began.

Due to turbulence, the plane lost several tens of meters of altitude in a second, and a tremendous scene could be seen in the video when the stewardess was thrown in the ceiling of the Boeing 737-300 passenger aircraft together with a trolley.

Look at the horror that passengers witnessed on a flight from Kosovo to Switzerland. Would your heart fall into your pants if you were on that plane?
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