The World's Biggest Anaconda Snake Discovered In Amazon Rainforest

A new species of northern green anaconda, which is considered the largest snake in the world, was recently discovered in the Bameno region of the Amazon.

Scientists encountered a giant green anaconda in the water, which weighs 200 kilograms and has a head the size of a human.

"I can now confirm that we have discovered the largest species of snake in the world, the green anaconda," wrote Dutch biologist Freek Vonk, who posted a video of the encounter with the giant anaconda on his Facebook profile.

Prof. dr. Freek Vonk, Facebook
Giant snakes of the aforementioned species are said to live in the Amazon jungles, which, according to the testimonies of the natives, measure up to 30 meters. However, these reports are unverified - the longest snake officially measured so far is the reticulated python, which measured 12 meters. It was discovered on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in 1912, but green anacondas are heavier than reticulated pythons, making them the largest snakes.

In 1906, English explorer Percy Fawcett reportedly shot a giant anaconda while exploring the rainforest. Its body was said to be as thick as a barrel, and the length of the snake was said to be as much as 19 meters, but his testimony was ridiculed by the public and the profession, even if Fawcett never exaggerated in his reports.
Scientists have discovered a new species of northern green anaconda with the help of natives in the Amazon region - the Waorani tribe recently invited biologists and scientists to the jungle where, according to the natives' story, the largest anacondas live. The search was successful - they found an eight-meter-long anaconda, which weighs about 200 kilograms, has a body as thick as a car tire, and a head as big as a human's head. According to scientists, the mentioned species of snake can reach 500 kilograms. The researchers gave the new species of anaconda the scientific name Eunectes akaima.
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