This Is How A Massive Earthquake Look Under The Sea

These days, a video was taken over the web, in which we can see some exceptional scenes on the seabed. The group of divers got into the sea, and then they all witnessed a real drama.

They sank precisely during the time of the earthquake, which shook the surrounding soil, and the effects were felt by the divers.

Diver Jan Paul Rodriguez dived along with his friends when the earthquake shook the nearby region with magnitude 5.9. At this moment, the floor at the bottom of the sea began to move and shake, and the water quickly became cloudy.

This was the consequence of the sand on the sea floor, which rose when the earthquake struck.

A video of Jane Paul Rodriguez has already reached nearly a million views on his Facebook profile, and the scenes are really worth seeing.

Take a look at the moment when the earthquake with a magnitude 5.9 shakes the seabed!
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