Thousands Of Crows Swarm Man's Yard, Then He Instantly Regrets Opening Window

From New York a video clip is coming in which the author captured a special scene on the camera that he witnessed in front of his house. He was observing his pool through the window when there was a large number of crows.

So many that the water level in the pool was almost no longer seen...

At that time, the author took the camera, then started to record all of it. He also began to count birds, and then quickly came to the ironic conclusion that there were about 7 million crows.

The author, who is not missing on humor, soon announced that he will open the window.

When the birds heard the sound of opening window, they all flown into the air - straight towards the author of the video. He quickly closed the window, and in the next frame you can see an empty pool. Well, at least he got rid of the crows!

To his misfortune, the crows returned in the next scene and the owner of the pool will apparently never get rid of uninvited guests...
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