Tiny Paralyzed Kitten Tries Out His New Wheelchair And Can't Stop Zooming Around

These days, the Web has again been surrounded by a video from the past year in which veterinarians made a special wheelchair for paralyzed kitten. 

With the help of a stroller, the kitten can now happily run around, which also helps him with his rehabilitation.

The kitten named Mac, which can be seen in the video, has had paralyzed rear paws since birth. He was found on the street by a good man who brought the kitten to a veterinary clinic, where veterinarians helped him in a very special way.

They made him a special trolley, which was attached to the rear legs. Now the cat can happily run around, while also strengthening the muscles.

Watch a cute video in which we can see the immense joy of paralyzed kitten Mac when he was able to run around freely!
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