Touching Secret Santa Surprise For An 8-Year-Old Cancer Survivor

East Idaho News from the US state of Idaho recently surprised an 8-year-old boy who did not have an easy childhood.

When he was 2 years old, doctors diagnosed him a cancer in one of his eyes, forcing him to have his eye removed.

Secret Santa is a real person who donates a larger sum of money each year for the Christmas holidays, with which the East Idaho News media house helps those in need. In the past few days, they have also surprised an 8-year-old boy named Driggs, who has an artificial eye.

He had to have one eye removed at the tender age of two due to cancer, and now he has a prosthesis in that place. Throughout his childhood, he wanted a glass eye, but the insurance company does not cover it, as it is a cosmetic repair. His parents don't have enough money to buy a glass eye on their own.

A member of the East Idaho News media house has delighted little brave boy with good news in recent days - Secret Santa has raised money for him, and Driggs will soon receive the glass eye he has been waiting for years.
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