Tourists Capture An Elephant Killing A Crocodile

At the end of last year, a video from the Kruger National Park, located in South Africa, landed online.

There, tourists witnessed an unusual scene - an elephant killed a crocodile in front of their eyes, and the whole event was recorded on a mobile phone.

Kruger National Park is a South African national park and one of the largest wildlife reserves in Africa. It covers an area of 19,623 square kilometers in the provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in northeastern South Africa and stretches 360 km from north to south and 65 km from east to west.

The video, which landed online a few months ago, has reached almost 13 million views to date on the YouTube network alone. At the same time, the scene is proof of how cruel life in the wild can be.

Take a look at an unusual scene from South Africa where we can witness the cruelty that reigns in the wilderness.
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