Truck Driver Fled The Accident Scene After Crashed Into A Car

In recent months, a video has landed online where we can follow a real drama from Turkey.

The motorcyclist filmed a reckless truck driver on camera mounted on a helmet, doing a lot of nonsense while driving, and then causing a car accident.

The video from Turkey is already a small hit on YouTube - it has reached almost half a million views to date, and many online users are appalled by what the driver of the smaller truck was doing.

He first endangered other road users by driving wildly, and then did a real banality on the motorway - he drove in front of a car when he decided to drive in the opposite direction at one of the entrances to the motorway.

After colliding with the female driver, he fled the scene of the accident, but lost his license plate, on the basis of which the police quickly tracked down the driver. Human stupidity really knows no bounds.
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