Trucker Drives Through Road Block In South Africa, Survives Bullet Storm

The web was surrounded by a video from South Africa in which a truck driver experienced a real horror.

While driving, he was ambushed by bandits - he did not stop in front of them, and two men even shot at his truck with a weapon.

A video from inside the truck shows the moment the driver avoided the bullet storm for inches. The bullets flew through the cab of the truck, but fortunately the driver carried it away unharmed. It could all end tragically.

In the video, we can also see another point of view - the whole drama on the road was also filmed by a camera installed in the vehicle. As the driver drove past the attackers, they relented and apparently preferred to choose another victim in traffic.

Take a look at how dangerous some areas of South Africa are. The real luck is that the driver of the truck took it away unharmed this time.
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