Turkish Driver Stops Bus To Share Iftar With His Only Passenger

A few days ago, a beautiful scene landed on a YouTube network captured by a security camera on a bus in Turkey.

There was only one passenger on the bus, and the driver moved the wide web with his kind gesture - he invited the passenger to eat dinner together.

Iftar, also known as ftoor, is an evening meal with which Muslims quickly end each day of Ramadan at sunset. Many Turks also adhere to the fasting - among them the bus driver in the video and the passenger.

The bus driver invited the passenger to dinner at dusk - he stopped the bus and then shared part of his dinner with the passenger. Judging by the responses, he was grateful from the bottom of his heart.

The video is already a real success online - to date, it has reached more than a million views on the YouTube network alone. Will the bus driver impress you too with his kind move?
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