Venomous Cottonmouth Following Kayak Appears To Hover In The Water

Years ago, a video landed on the YouTube network, in which we can watch an unusual scene from a kayak.

The author of the video filmed a poisonous water snake on the water, and at first glance, the snake hovered above the water.

Cottonmouth is a specie of snake from the subfamily Crotalinae from the family Viperidae. It is the only aquatic snake in the world that is native to the southeastern United States. As an adult animal, it is large and can cause a painful and potentially fatal bite.

The cottonmouth was filmed by a kayaker in the video in front of you when he set out on his kayak. The scene attracted a large number of spectators mainly because at first glance the snake was hovering above the water.

The video is already a real success online - to date, it has reached more than 3 million views on the YouTube network alone. Take a look at an unusual scene with a cottonmouth.
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