Vets Work To Save Burnt Koalas As 30,000 Estimated To Have Died On Kangaroo Island

In Australia, a group of veterinarians has formed due to bushfires, which these days help exclusively injured animals, most of which are koalas.

A video from the veterinary clinic has landed online, in which we can see a veterinarian Garnett Hall saving a burnt koala.

The scene was filmed on Kangaroo Island in a special shelter where these days care for injured koalas and other animals. As a result of wildfires, as many as one billion wildlife have been lost since September.

On the Kangaroo Island alone, which has been hit by several fires, 30,000 koalas had lsot their lives up to date. Fortunately, the animals are assisted there by veterinarians who do their work for free.

When the koalas are healed, they will be released back to the wild. On Kangaroo Island, fire is already under control, but unfortunately elsewhere in Australia, fiery teeth are still raging. Authorities fear the magnitude of the mega fire, in which two large fires have merged into one.
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