Watch A Meteoroid Hit The Moon During The Super Blood Moon Eclipse

In the night on Monday, we could saw a remarkable phenomenon in our sky with the Moon's Eclipse, where The Moon became reddish. This is why many people call this phenomenon a Blood Moon.

Those who observed the Moon with a telescope could saw another particular phenomenon during the Blood Moon.

During the lunar eclipse, a meteoroid fell to the surface of our natural satellite, which could be seen on many video clips. On the enclosed video, the meteoroid collision is seen at the lower edge of the moon at 2:11:00.

Other observers also saw a meteoroid's inpact on The Moon. Among them was Christian Fröschlin, who shared the photo in the enlarged resolution on his Twitter profile.

Photo: Christian Fröschlin, Twitter

During the lunar eclipse, the aforementioned collision was also captured on the camera by Marc Dantonio, who runs the SkyTour portal. In his video, the meteoroid impact on The Moon's surface can be seen at 02:09:29.

All together however looked like the pulse of white light, but if the Moon would be observed with a very good telescope, it would certainly have been otherwise.

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