Wild Horse Immediately Recognizes His Girlfriend After Years Apart

Skydog Sanctuary is a charity that helps wild horses the most.

They are located near the city of Malibu in California, and in the past few days, they shared a video among their followers, which impressed many animal lovers.

Years ago, members of the aforementioned society rescued a wild horse named Phoenix, but he greatly missed his old friends. Above all, he missed the mare Ghost, which, according to experts, he also fell in love with.

The years went by, and Phoenix spent most of his time in the company of other horses for which he showed no greater interest. One day, the founder of the society received a call and a photo of the mare Ghost. She was determined to reunite her with her old friend.

The mare was transported to the space where Phoenix was located, and their reunion was full of emotion. They could hardly believe that they had met again after several years, and many animal lovers were heartbroken by the video.
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