WW2 Bomb Explodes During Attempt To Defuse It

Navy divers tried to deactivate a bomb in a river canal near the town of Šwinoujšcie in Poland, but it exploded.

It was the largest World War II bomb ever found in Poland.

The bomb landed in the Piast Canal in 1945 during an attack on the German cruiser Lutzow, and the attack was carried out by the British Royal Air Force. The Tallboy bomb weighs more than 5 tons and contains about 2,400 kilograms of explosives.

Fortunately, none of the divers were injured during the explosion, as they were at a safe distance. The bomb exploded while attempting to detonate it, but it all unfolded well.

The bomb was found as early as last September during the deepening parts of the canal. See what a Tallboy bomb explosion looked like during a detonation attempt in Poland.
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