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What A Master Truck Driver, He Parks His Vehicle Between Other Trailers
Sep 06, 2017 Automoto

With the help of a drone, this truck driver captured a moment when he parked his truck with a trailer on a narrow parking spot between the other trucks.

There was only one more space left ...


VIDEO: This Is How Tunned BMW M5 With 785 HP Sounds Like
Aug 20, 2017 Automoto

This video shows you a crazy BMW M5 F10 modified by PP Performance Abu Dhabi. It is fitted with a Akrapovic Exhaust System, Methanol Injection, MSR intakes and new ECU System.

The video ...


This Is How You Super Clean Your Engine Bay In A Car
Jul 12, 2017 Automoto

Learn how to Super Clean your engine bay so that it is so clean, you can eat off of it!

ChrisFix shows us how to clean and detail the engine bay in a simple 5 step process that will not ...


WATCH: Insane Drifting Captured On Camera At 136 MPH
Jul 10, 2017 Automoto

If you can not resist speed and smell of gasoline, then this is the video you need to see.

At one of the racetracks, the spectator caught the moment just beside the safety fence, when the ...


Cocky Porsche 911 Driver Messes With The Wrong Driver On Autobahn
Jul 05, 2017 Automoto

This Porsche Driver finds a B5 Audi RS4 on the Autobahn in Germany and mistakenly challenges him to a race, not knowing the Audi is tuned to 600hp.

He surely did not expect something like ...


Car's Brutal Sound System Shows Its Power In Slow Motion Video
Jun 13, 2017 Automoto

Many music lovers install sound system in their car that provides a true experience of listening to music. Those who attend competitions with a sound system are going a step further.

One ...


Rider James Hillier Makes An Amazing Save On Isle Of Man TT 2017
Jun 12, 2017 Automoto

Check out James 'Dynamite' Hillier's amazing save on his Kawasaki Superbike at the Isle of Man TT 2017 during the opening lap of the Pokerstars Senior Race.

He was really lucky to stay on ...


VIDEO: WRC Rally Car Hits A Drone While In Mid-Air After A Jump
Jun 12, 2017 Automoto

This weekend Rally Italy Sardegna 2017 was in full swing and all the fans saw a lot of action there. On the stage Monte Lerno, Toyota Yaris WRC's driver Esappeka Lappi hit the flying DJI drone after the ...


WATCH: This Race Will Make You Think How Awesome Rallycross Is
May 27, 2017 Automoto

Check last weekends Global Rallycross final out. Here it's probably the most action packed into 6 minutes of racing you're ever likely to see.

Rallycross is really awesome and this video ...


Crazy Onboard Video Of Hillclimb In Formula Race Car At Saint-Ursanne
May 24, 2017 Automoto

Who needs The IndyCar Series of Formula 1 racing when you have this kind of craziness, driving a formula set-up racing car at break-neck speed up a small road over Saint-Ursanne pass in Switzerland. ...


Watch One Of The Nastiest Rock Bouncer Hills In Competition
May 20, 2017 Automoto

The Pro Rock Racing crew picked out one of the nastiest hills we have seen. This hill is at Rush Offroad Park in Kentucky, US and video does it no justice to how steep the hill really is. As you can tell ...


Crashing A 1998 Toyota Into A 2015 Toyota Shows How Far Car Safety Has Advanced
May 17, 2017 Automoto

You may love your trusty old car, but if you get into a crash, you'll wish you'd been in the newer version.

People are twice as likely to die in a crash if the car they’re travelling in ...


This Rally Driver Is So Lucky To Land His Car On Four Wheels Again
Apr 28, 2017 Automoto

Here comes a video from Rally in Italy where one driver got very lucky to stay on the four wheels after the turn. This is the video one of spectators captured on camera and it's a great example of balance. ...


Hayden Paddon Makes An Incredible Hairpin U-Turn On Australia Rally
Apr 21, 2017 Automoto

Hayden Paddon is a New Zealand rally driver. He was PWRC world champion in 2011 and won the New Zealand Rally Championship in 2008, 2009 and 2013.

Take a look at this awesome video taken ...


Tesla's Autopilot Predicts Crashes Freakishly Early
Apr 15, 2017 Automoto

Watch dash-cam footage of Tesla's predict crashes and avoid them freakishly early. This is the compilation Tesla uploaded on their Youtube channel and it whos how great the autopilot is. As we can see ...


When F1 Race Car Overtakes You While Driving In Traffic
Mar 30, 2017 Automoto

How would you react if you would be driving on the highway when suddenly a fast Formula 1 race car would overtake you?

This was the moment driver witnessed and he captured all on his camera. ...


VIDEO: Monster Truck Does Frontflip In Las Vegas
Mar 27, 2017 Automoto

Sure, you might be able to do a front flip, but have you ever attempted a front flip while driving a monster truck?

Lee O'Donnell landed the first-ever front flip at the Monster Jam World ...


WATCH: This Must Be Most Attractive BMW Driving On A Rally Ever
Mar 16, 2017 Automoto

French rally driver Julien Bidaud knows very well how to drive a BMW E30 rally car. In this video you can see some of the best actions from him captured all around on rally competitions.

If ...


Modified Golf Cart Whips Corvette In A Drag Race
Mar 09, 2017 Automoto

This golf cart souped up with a 1300cc Hayabusa engine would turn a "harmless golf course joyride" into a "catastrophic golf course crash."

Take a look at this video ...


This Is What Really Happens When You Shift Into Reverse At 40mph
Feb 19, 2017 Automoto

We recently saw a video where a guy tried putting his car in reverse while driving. We wanted to show you what would happen if you actually put it in reverse while driving, with no safety features. Everybody ...