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Bizarre 60ft Long Dragon Skeleton Found In Zhangjiakou City, China
Oct 18, 2017 Other

A video is coming out from China, in which locals found the skeleton of the mythological dragon near the Zhangjiakou city.

The clip quickly circled the world these days, and many are wondering ...


His Car Was Scratched. When He Saw The Footage, He Couldn't Believed His Eyes!
Oct 17, 2017 Other

The owner of the vehicle in the video had his car repeatedly scratched, so he was determined to end this. He placed the camera in the vehicle to cath the bad guy doing this to his car.

When ...


Blind Man Drops $1,000,000 On Ground. Will Someone Steal Money From Him?
Oct 12, 2017 Other

How would you react if a blind man walked past you with a suitcase in his hand, who would have lost a pile of money right infront of you? The guy from the Big Daws TV channel pretended to be a blind man ...


VIDEO: This Is What The Pilot Sees And The Passengers Luckly Do Not See
Oct 11, 2017 Other

An Indian pilot posted a video on the web while landing a plane in Queenstown, New Zealand, for which it is better that passengers on board didn't saw.

In the low fog, the surroundings ...


VIDEO: School Security Camera Captures Ghost In The Middle Of The Night
Oct 10, 2017 Other

Prank or poltergeist? CCTV footage from Deerpark CBS, the oldest school on the south side of Cork City in Ireland captured a shocking moment in the middle of the night when some paranormal activity was ...


WATCH: Costumer Takes Care For Robber Trying To Steal In Aldi Shop
Oct 10, 2017 Other

Customers of the Valparaiso Aldi store Friday night tackle and apprehend a 36-year-old Hebron man, who police said was robbing the store.

Take a look at the security video which was captured ...


This Is How Ambulance Drives In Full Traffic In India
Oct 08, 2017 Other

We all know that road traffic in India is catastrophic. And because there are no road rules in place, there are a lot of problems for rescue vehicles drivers too.

When the driver of the ...


Mom Can't Reach 8-Month-Old Baby Caught In Fire With Puppy, Firefighters Reveal What They Find
Oct 07, 2017 Other

Erika Poremski was enjoying a quiet evening at home with her adorable baby girl, Viviana, when her world took a dark, unsuspected turn. Erika ran to grab something out of her car - and when she returned, ...


Guy Refused To Stop Smoking Next To Gas Pump, Gets Best Lesson Ever
Oct 04, 2017 Other

A video from a surveillance camera is coming from one of the gas stations when the driver of the car was refueling with a cigarette in his hand. Despite warning from others at the gas station and the staff ...


Husband Sets Hidden Camera To Catch His Maid Stealing. He Was In Shock When He Saw This!
Oct 02, 2017 Other

The hidden camera shows at first that the husband is suppposed to be going for work and was giving final instructions to their housekeeper which he suspects that she was "stealing" from them. ...


Guy Uses His Girlfriend To Trick Strangers Into A Losing Bet
Sep 30, 2017 Other

HammyTV is a guy from the vide owho is known for posting viral videos and pranks on Youtube together with his girlfriend.

When his girlfriend walked next to the strangers, Hammy approached ...


Worker Gets Most Painful Awakening While Snoozing On The Job
Sep 29, 2017 Other

The author of this video shot his friend when he took a nap to recover quite a bit during his working hours.

On his misfortune, he lost a balance on the chair while he was sleeping, and ...


Little Girl Finds Out She Is Going To Have A Little Brother, Bursts In Tears
Sep 29, 2017 Other

Siobhan O'Brien posted a video online of her little 3 year old daughter's unexpected reaction to discovering she is going to have a little brother. And her reaction is pretty priceless!

Mother ...


WATCH: Moment From Russia Shocks The World, Large Spiral Appears In Night Sky
Sep 29, 2017 Other

Today, on the territory of the Samara region in Russia, many residents saw an unusual glow in the sky.

Unusual glow in the sky was observed by residents of many cities in Russia, the Urals ...


VIDEO: Migrant Steps Infront Of Vehicle In Germany, Fools With Wrong Driver
Sep 27, 2017 Other

From a city of Ravensburg in Germany a shorter video is coming in, in which, according to the author, an immigrant stepped in front of one of the cars. He did not let the vehicle go past, so the driver ...


US Navy Jet Breaks Speed Of Sound Flying Past Aircraft Carrier
Sep 24, 2017 Other

An amateur video has been released which shows the moment a US navy jet breaks the speed of sound flying past an aircraft carrier, leaving an explosive sonic boom in its wake.

In the 27-second ...


He Was Trying To Rob A Store, Then He Got A Painful Lesson
Sep 23, 2017 Other

A video from a surveillance camera is coming from Poland, when a bad guy was robbing a store in the middle of the day. He smashed glass there, and he didn't care for the passersby. He even threatened one ...


Fan Chases After Cyclist, Gets Obliterated By Cops
Sep 21, 2017 Other

A fan at this year's UCI Road World Championships in Bergen, Norway got a bit too close to rider Tony Martin, and the police were forced to step in, in a quite literal and forceful way.

Take ...


Driver Crashes His Car And This Family Laughed. Then Karma Took Care Of Everything!
Sep 16, 2017 Other

It's not good to laugh at other people while they're having a bad luck, it can all return back to you. All the passengers in the car know that, after they laughed at a young driver's traffic accident. ...


Bentley Driving Douche Gets Instant Karma From A Biker After Littering
Sep 13, 2017 Other

There are obviously lots of arrogant people in the world. Bentley's driver in the video shocked many with his negligence when he simply threw the trash on the pavement in the parking lot in Russia. ...