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Two Guys Stealing Tires From A Dealership Get Caught By Police
May 25, 2017 Other

A suspicious van was seen at a local dealership that was recognized from a previous theft. The two suspects were seen trying to steal wheels off a Chevy Truck.

Police were called right away. ...


Watch Melania Trump Swat Donald Away When He Tries To Hold Her Hand
May 23, 2017 Other

After Donald Trump and his wife Melania arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport in Lod, near Tel Aviv, Israel, Trump reached one hand backwards toward his wife - but she quickly rebuffed the gesture ...


MotoGP Pays Touching Tribute To Former World Champion Nicky Hayden
May 23, 2017 Other

Former MotoGP champion Nicky Hayden has died aged 35, five days after being involved in a crash while cycling.

The American suffered "serious cerebral damage" after colliding with ...


WATCH: Virginia Woman Exposed On Camera For Pretending To Be Homeless
May 23, 2017 Other

A woman from Richmond, Virginia was exposed on camera this past weekend for posing as a homeless person. After catching a glimpse of her in action roaming the city and asking passing cars for money, the ...


Demolition Crew Accidentally Knocks Down The House Next To The One They're Supposed To Be Demolishing
May 23, 2017 Other

If the building next to yours is getting demolished, get all the valuables out of your building before it happens, particularly if this Baltimore crew is working the job.

See what happened ...


Speeding BMW Driver Gets Instant Karma After Almost Hitting Pedestrians
May 21, 2017 Other

In this dashcam video we can see a BMW driver speeding on the road almost hitting a group of pedestrians crossing the road. The driver will never forget his stupid move as he got a dose of justice. ...


This Tow Truck Can Take Away Your Car In Just Few Seconds
May 19, 2017 Other

If you belong in the group of people who are used to park their car on the wrong spots, then this tow truck in the video might be your new nightmare. Once you see it near your car, it's already too late. ...


Would You Sell Your Dog For $100,000? This Experiment Shows Dogs Are Family!
May 18, 2017 Other

Youtube star Big Daws filmed this video in Chicago last week where he walked around in a suit with a suitcase full of money. Then he asked strangers if they would sell their dogs to him for $100,000. ...


Porsche Driver Flipped Off Firefighters, Then Firefighters Delivered Instant Justice
May 17, 2017 Other

A blue Porsche driver was honked at by the firetruck, then got mad because of that, passed by them without the lane change indicator on and flipped them off, then brake checked them a few times.


Crushing Different Woods With Hydraulic Press Ends With Wood Exploding
May 17, 2017 Other

Guy behind 'Hydraulic Press Channel' made another video this time in which he crushed different woods with a use of his Hydraulic Press. Everytime he crushed blocks of wood they all exploded.


WATCH: Eurovision Streaker In Australian Flag Drops His Pants After Crashes Eurovision Stage
May 14, 2017 Other

A streaker draped in the Australian flag has taken to the Eurovision stage and dropped his pants.

The prankster jumped up on stage and bared his naked bottom during the grand final of the ...


Stunned Tourist Captures Video Of 'Loch Ness Monster' Swimming Through Waters
May 13, 2017 Other

Rob Jones, 35, from North Wales, spotted something sticking out of the water as he looked out over the loch from a hill above. The shape – which resembles the stereotypical silhouette of the fabled creature's ...


Footage Shows Rock Fall In New Climbing Crag In Chulilla
May 11, 2017 Other

With more than 800 routes, Chulilla in Valencia is one of the best rock climbing areas in Spain. Its limestone canyon shaped by the Turia river makes Chulilla a great place for sport climbing.


Thief Gets Busted By Random Dog While Police Is After Him
May 11, 2017 Other

When this thief in the video was running away from cops, he didn't think the dog infront of him will end the chase. Dog jumped on him as soon as he passed his owner, bitting him right in the place where ...


We First Saw 'The Stroll' On 'American Bandstand' In 1957. Who Remembers This?
May 11, 2017 Other

Loong before modern line dances or soul trains, there was the Stroll. Created by the dancers on "American Bandstand," it was initially danced to the slow beats of Chuck Willis' hit "C. C. ...


Referee Shows Red Card To Sick Assistant After Vomiting
May 10, 2017 Other

Scottish referee Craig Thompson shows that officials do have a sense of humour as he jokingly shows a red-card to his assistant after he was sick on the touchline during Dundee's 1-0 win over Kilmarnock ...


Is This Most Beautiful Little Girl In The Whole World?
May 10, 2017 Other

Anastasiya Knyazeva from Russia is only 5, and has more than 300.000 followers on Instagram. The little girl is a model, and she has become famous worldwide for her beautiful blue eyes. While her mum Ana ...


Dashcam Captures A Moment Of Goose Electrocuted At The Intersection
May 09, 2017 Other

What are the odds of this happening? While driver in the video was waiting at the intersection for a green light, a goose just came in to end its life. It landed on the electric wire and was electrocuted ...


Every Parent Should See This Abducting Child Experiment In Front Of Dad
May 09, 2017 Other

In those day, there is danger on every corner. Joey Salads made a social experiment where he went into the park with mother's permission to try to abduct her child while dad was on his phone just meters ...


Tractor Trailer Runs Red In Front Of Trooper, Gets Instant Karma
May 08, 2017 Other

Some people just don't care about traffic rules and they drive like they are the only one who are on the road.

In this video we can see a tractor trailer driver who was waiting at the intersection ...