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WATCH: Security Camera Captured Shocking Crash Of Ukrainian Millionaire's Daughter
Oct 21, 2017 Accidents

An oligarch's daughter who killed five people and injured a dozen more in a horror car incident had allegedly been racing another driver.

Alyona Zaitseva, a 20-year-old millionaire's daughter ...


Gigantic RC Jet Gets Shattered In Pieces In Mid-Air
Oct 21, 2017 Accidents

There is another video that surrounds the world again these days. In it we can see the accident of the Saab Gripen RC jet model, which is only half the size of the real jet.

Unfortunately, ...


Shocking Crash From Russia, Lada Gets Crushed Between Two Heavy Trucks
Oct 18, 2017 Accidents

From Russia, a terrible car accident comes in which car driver lost his life. Both truck drivers are in critical condition.

An uncareful driver with a Lada car didn't see the truck coming ...


Leon Haslam Crashes Hard On Superbike Race At 170 Mph, Luckly Survives The Accident
Oct 16, 2017 Accidents

Leon Haslam had a chance to win the title of the British Superbike Championship in the superb race, but not everything went right for him.

At a speed of around 170 mph (270 kph), his brakes ...


Fire Engulfs Sonoma Deputies Evacuating People From Burning Homes
Oct 14, 2017 Accidents

As tens of thousands residents of northern California's wine country remain evacuated from their homes Friday, five days after the deadly Tubbs and Atlas fires ignited and raced through Sonoma and Napa ...


150 Car Pile-Up Captured On Camera In Low Visibility On Icy Highway
Oct 12, 2017 Accidents

Roughly 150 vehicles careened into a fatal pileup along a snowy I-94 between Battle Creek and Galesburg, causing fires on trucks carrying fireworks and acid and closing the freeway.

Michigan ...


VIDEO: Audi RS3 Driver Captures His Brutal Crash At 125 MPH
Oct 10, 2017 Accidents

Human stupidity knows no boundaries. From Belgium here comes a horrible video clip when the Audi RS3 driver drove off the road at a speed of over 125 mph (200 kph) and completely destroyed his car. It's ...


Russian Driver Overtakes Two Trucks, Then A Disaster Happens
Oct 04, 2017 Accidents

Another video from Russia comes from a car driver. On the flat section of the road, he decided to overtake two trucks, then he experienced a real shock.

The driver of the truck suddenly ...


Bus Carrying 50 People Narrowly Avoids A Serious Collision On The M40 In UK
Oct 03, 2017 Accidents

A video from the bus is coming from the UK when one driver lost control on the M40 motorway and stucked on the road. Only driver's reactions can thank all passengers for not having a collision between ...


Driver With Stolen Plates Causes Horrible Rollover Crash On The Highway
Oct 02, 2017 Accidents

Melissa was a driver in a white Kia Soul when she experienced a terrible crash when driving on the highway.

A driver with stolen plates on his car drove into her vehicle and caused a real ...


Driver Lost Control Over His Buggy, Spins Out In Very Unusual Way
Sep 28, 2017 Accidents

Scott Blackburn, a professional racer competed in Thornborough, England, in the Class 10 category. After a while he lost control of his vehicle on a mud track and then his vehicle started to spin uncontrollably. ...


WATCH: Italian Air Force Typhoon Crashes At Air Show, Pilot Dies On Impact
Sep 25, 2017 Accidents

An Italian Eurofighter Typhoon jet crashed during an airshow in the central Italian region of Lazio on Sunday, killing its pilot, local media reports.

The tragedy took place near the town ...


Driver Makes Hit And Run, His Decision Was A Really Bad Choice
Sep 21, 2017 Accidents

Human nonsense knows no boundaries. The driver in the video experienced a real shock at one of the intersections when the driver of another car crashed into him. He escaped from the scene of the accident, ...


Stupid Driver Overtakes Over Solid Line, Crashes Into A Police Car Head On
Sep 18, 2017 Accidents

What an unprecedented nonsense! A video is coming out of Ukraine, in which one of the foolish drivers decided to make a completely stupid move. He wanted to overtake a car in front of him over a double ...


Red Light Runner Nearly Hits Girl, Wrecks Into Another Car
Sep 17, 2017 Accidents

A car runs a red light, almost hits a girl on the crosswalk, and then smashes head on into another vehicle.

This happened in Taganrog in Russia and luckly noone was seriously hurt in this ...


Security Camera Catches Horror Crash With Audi, Driver Is In Critical Condition
Sep 12, 2017 Accidents

An Audi TTS piloted by a female driver in her twenties crashed in South Africa. The driver is now left in a critical condition and the car is a total wreck.

Take a look at the footage captured ...


Driver Gets Ejected During The Race, Brutal Crash Happens Next
Sep 09, 2017 Accidents

If anyone knows how to spice up everyday events, then this is definitely Red Bull. These days, the Red Bull Soapbox Race 2017 was held in the United Kingdom, where racers competed in the downhill run with ...


Police Helicopter Captures Brutal Car Accident When Following The Suspect
Sep 08, 2017 Accidents

Some people have a lot of luck at the right time. Just like the man in this video. This could have been quite different for him.

The man was chased by the police before the time of the accident. ...


He Takes A Prototype Plane Into The Air, Then He Crashes Hard
Sep 08, 2017 Accidents

When one of the pilots took the task of testing the prototype of the airplane, he certainly was not aware that soon after the takeoff he would face a terrible accident. A powerful gust of wind changed ...


Rear Dashcam Captures Shocking Crash In Carleton Place, Ontario
Sep 07, 2017 Accidents

A 54-year-old Ottawa man has been charged with careless driving under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario after a Sept. 5 collision on McNeely Avenue in Carleton Place.

One person in the ...