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Musician Plays Elvis Presley's Classic On Kalimba, Even His Dog Enjoys It
Oct 17, 2017 Music

The Kalimba sounds like a little music box and Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling In Love" feels like a perfect fit for this instrument.

The Kalimba or mbira is an African musical ...


She Announces She's Singing Simon's Favorite Song. His Comeback Brings On Judge's Accusation
Oct 17, 2017 Music

It's hard to impress Simon Cowell. He's one of the most notoriously harsh judges on reality television, but when he likes something, he makes it very clear!

So when X Factor contestant Caitlyn ...


Two Man Sing "Jolene" In Museum, Their Performance Is Angelic
Oct 17, 2017 Music

Take a look at this video in which Brian Rose and Tom Stanley from the Penn Museum in Philadelphia perform Dolly Parton's "Jolene" in the "Iraq's Ancient Past" exhibition.


He Was Sitting On A Chair Playing French Horn, Then His Friend Stole Whole Attention
Oct 16, 2017 Music

If you want to make a good laugh, then this clip is the right for you. In it we can see a guy, who plays a French horn in one of the classrooms with his friend next to him. But he did not use any musical ...


She Overhears Costco Worker Playing Adele, Stuns Shoppers By Joining For Duet
Oct 15, 2017 Music

People love Costco for all sorts of reasons. It has great prices on bulk purchases of everything imaginable, from toilet paper to canned tuna.

On any given weekend, you can flash your membership ...


Five Navy Men Take Their Place On The Stage. When They Look Up, The Crowd Goes Absolutely Crazy
Oct 12, 2017 Music

It's hard to imagine anyone who doesn't adore the music from "Jersey Boys" - and as far as we can tell, everyone in this crowd absolutely loves it!

The talented men of the United ...


Eminem Rips Donald Trump To Shreds In This BET Cypher
Oct 12, 2017 Music

Eminem is back! And he's in classic bar-for-bar form blasting at Donald Trump from his Detroit home. The cyphers went crazy too.

Take a look at this video recorded in the suburbs of Detroit ...


They Begin Singing An Elvis Classic But Notice The Man On The End
Oct 11, 2017 Music

We've heard hundreds of renditions of the classic Elvis Presley song "Can't Help Falling In Love," but none are as hauntingly beautiful as 7th Ave's cover! The quartet croons the tune perfectly ...


Darci Lynne Sings Cowboy Duet With Puppet, 90 Seconds In They Start Yodeling And The Audience's Jaws Drop
Oct 11, 2017 Music

You may be a stranger to ventriloquism now, but that's about to change. Darci Lynne Farmer may be young, but she's already a master at what she does - traveling the world, gaining fame and spreading a ...


This 100 Year Old Song Is The Most Beautiful Song In History Of Mankind. Do You Agree?
Oct 11, 2017 Music

The Peruvian composer Daniel Robles wrote the song "El Condor Pasa" in honor of the tribes living in the Andes in 1913, which still delights with its tunes today.

Despite the fact ...


Firefighters Emerge From The Forest, Haunting Words They Sing Go Viral
Oct 10, 2017 Music

Marching through the forest is something that this Samoan Hotshot fire crew is used to. But their favorite pastime was recently caught on camera and now it's going totally viral online.

Not ...


4 Guys Sing Hallelujah. When The 4th Guy Starts Singing, Everyone Is Speechless!
Oct 10, 2017 Music

Probably there is no man in the world who would not know the Hallelujah song. This time, the web was
encircled by the clip, in which four guys from Norway sing that song in their own style. ...


He Steps On The Stage And Starts Singing. Moments Later All The Judges Are In Tears!
Oct 09, 2017 Music

Emmanuel Kelly from Australia is a guy of Iraqi roots, who performed most likely the most touching performance in the X-Factor show in Australia.

First, the jury and viewers were moved by ...


Girl From Georgia Magically Sings For Pope Francis Together With Singers
Oct 08, 2017 Music

A year ago, Pope Francis visited Georgia and led his mass in one of the churches. As it is a tradition in Georgia, during a church ritual, one of the songs in their own language was singed.


While His Parents Shop At Costco, Little Boy Amazes Shoppers With Impromptu Performance
Oct 03, 2017 Music

Strangers with a video camera didn't even phase this dazzling young performer. At only nine years old, Jake Clayton is showman far beyond his years.

He is able to accomplish fascinating ...


Two Korean Beatboxers Totally Nail Luis Fonsi's Despacito Without Using Any Instument
Sep 28, 2017 Music

Hiss and Bigman are boys in a video that won the world with their exceptional talent. Without a single musical instrument, they have sang a big world hit "Despacito", which is originally performed ...


Dave Crosby Wows The Voice's Judges. Just Wait For His Daughter To Join Him On Stage!
Sep 27, 2017 Music

Singer Dave Crosby took the stage of The Voice to perform a lovely rendition of Death Cab for Cutie's "I Will Follow You Into The Dark." Almost instantly, he impressed coach Adam Levine, who ...


Couple Sings Two Songs At The Same Time, Result Is Stunning
Sep 27, 2017 Music

The husband and wife in the video present to the world with the "Us The Duo" artistic name, and both are great fans of music and singing.

This time, they joined two great hit songs ...


She Sat Next To A Guitarist And Took Spoons In Hand. Just Wait For Them To Start Playing!
Sep 26, 2017 Music

Listen to the song "Angels in Heaven" performed by Chris Rodrigues on the guitar together with Abby, known as Abby the Spoon Lady.

They filmed this on the Spoon Lady's front porch, ...


Man Hits Record To Sing 'Somebody To Love.' His Haunting Rendition Has The Internet In Chills
Sep 26, 2017 Music

Musical artists have a powerful way of shaping us as human beings, and Marc Martel made that very clear singing a Queen classic. In a day and age where music is almost always within reaching distance, ...