89-Year-Old Farmer Had Trouble Getting Into Tractor, His Son Came Up With Genius Solution

The 89-year-old farmer in the video is still in love with farming, using his tractor.

Due to his age, he had a lot of problems crawling into the tractor lately, so his son Bill came up with a genius solution for him.

A video clip landed on the Facebook network that attracted a lot of attention. To date, it has garnered over 2.4 million views in just a few days.

Bill made his 89-year-old father, who still has a great love for farming, much easier to get into his tractor. He installed a special hydraulic device on the working machine that lifts his father all the way to the tractor door.

Thus, almost effortlessly, the 89-year-old farmer can still sit in his tractor in which, according to his son, he enjoys immense pleasure. Well done to the son for such an innovative solution!

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