A Coyote And A Bald Eagle Battle It Out Over Scraps

The web has been surrounded these days by a scene captured by a camera in the woods at the end of last year.

We can follow the showdown between an eagle and a coyote when both wild animals craved the same piece of food.

How difficult the life of wild animals is in nature is proven by a video in which we can see an eagle in the middle of the forest when he had lunch. But he soon had to defend his catch as his plans were thwarted by a coyote.

Both animals attacked each other several times to prove their superiority to each other. The video is already a real success online, to date it has reached almost 400,000 views on YouTube.

Watch the battle between the eagle and the coyote when they both wanted to feed on the same catch. Have you ever seen a scene like this live?
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