Bald Eagle Swimming Across Lake Is The Most Epic Thing You'll See Today

The Bald eagle is recognized by its characteristic white head and white tail, otherwise it is black. It weighs up to six kilograms and a half (14 pounds), and has the wings range up to two meters and a half (8.2 feet).

It is a symbol of power, and it feeds on smaller birds and fish.

This type of eagle grows up at five years of age and then nestles for the first time. The female lays from 2 to 3 eggs, and both parents take care about babies.

New Hampshire journalists have posted a very special video on the web in which we can see the Bald eagle when it shows its swimming skills. Many birds are not the best swimmers, but this obviously does not apply to the Bald eagle in the shot.

Take a look at the scene captured by a resident Tyler Blake near the lake in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Did you know that the Bald eagle can be such a grat swimmer as it can be seen in a video?
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