Base Jumper's Parachute Malfunctions In Harrowing Footage Caught On Camera

A video from Switzerland has landed online, showing an adventurous hunter getting into troubles.

Base jumper jumped off a cliff, but he crashed into the rocks during the parachute opening, which made him crash land in the valley.

The man who performed the jump from the cliff filmed the entire occasion on a camera mounted on his helmet. He wrote on the recording that he did not have time to react, causing him to crash against a cliff and then begin to fall towards the ground.

He was stopped by the river in the valley and the base jumper fell between 80 and 90 meters high. It is a miracle that he survived the accident with only a few bruises and contusions!

The base jumper told the public that he miraculously had not suffered a single fracture during the fall, and the unsuccessful attempt will remain in his memory for life.
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