Basketball Player Smashes His Head Into The Backboard On Block

Just a few days ago, a video clip came online, which became a real sensation. Until today, more than 1.4 million people have watched it over a two-day period, while views are still growing steadily.

This time, the victim became a young basketball player who left many spectators breathless with his shocking mistake.

At the American Student League game, many viewers could see a scene in which pain is not leaking. Basketball player Blaise Meredith tried to block the counterattack at the break, but he made a big mistake when he jumped just few feets away from his team's basket. He jumped at the full speed, then hit his head hard into the backboard.

Luckily, he did not get hurt in this drama, and he continued the match a few minutes later.

Look at the tough hit of the American basketball player who has rounded up the web these days with his painful mistake!
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