Blind 13-Year-Old Girl Perfectly Plays Chopin On Piano In Train Station

Three weeks ago, a video of a wonderful musical performance on a public piano appeared on YouTube.

A 13-year-old girl, Lucy, played a famous piece by the composer Frederic Chopin on the piano for a crowd of visitors gathered at the railway station.

13-year-old girl Lucy comes from the city of Birmingham, England, which is considered the largest city in the United Kingdom with the exception of London. Lucy is blind, and years ago she found her love in playing the piano.

Her performance was recorded for Channel 4, which broadcasts the popular show The Piano. All the presenters of the aforementioned show were also impressed by the girl's talent.

Hear a wonderful musical performance in which a 13-year-old blind girl played a piece by Frederic Chopin on the piano at a train station in Birmingham.
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