Blizzard Cleanup Time-Lapse From St. John's, Newfoundland

Last year, more than 90 centimeters of snow fell in one night during a snowstorm in Newfoundland and Labrador in eastern Canada.

The snowstorm, during which the wind blew at a speed of 150 kph, has been described by many as the worst snowstorm in decades.

In the capital St. John snow had to be cleaned by the locals early in the morning, as their streets were completely covered with a thick blanket of snow. They cleared the snow with snow blowers, and their action was also filmed by a security camera next to one of the houses.

The owner of the house where the security camera is installed prepared a time-lapse video of what happened after the storm - the street soon got a new look with the diligent locals, and the video impressed many online users.

See how they cleared the snow in Canada last year when it fell more than 90 cm during one of the worst snowstorms in one night. Will you enjoy these scenes yourself?
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