Broken Roots Performs Bon Jovi Classic Together For The First Time On AGT 2020

At the last audition of the America's Got Talent 2020 show, two musicians who became friends not long ago presented themselves.

They met during one of the performances, and now they have signed up for an American talent show together.

Austin and Joey introduce themselves to the public under the stage name Broken Roots, and this time they performed together for the first time. They presented themselves with the song "Wanted Dead Or Alive", which was presented in 1986 by the rock band Bon Jovi.

According to their words, they have never played the Bon Jovi's together before. They impressed both the judges and the gathered crowd in the hall with their exceptional performance!

Listen to Austin and Joey sing Bon Jovi's song "Wanted Dead Or Alive" on the stage of America's Got Talent 2020.
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