Circus Elephant With Trunk Paralysis And Joint Problems Forced To Give Rides To Families

Almost all animals in the circus live in bad conditions, and often they are beaten into submission. Elephants are the largest land animals that walk about 40 miles a day.

Unfortunately, not all elephants have this luck - those in circuses are chained down and forced to perform tricks, only to entertain people. That is why many are convinced that circuses should have gone a long time ago!

Animal Defenders International, Youtube
Elephant Betty is one of the animals trapped in Carden Circus, owned by Larry Carden. Not long ago, the web encircled the video, in which it is possible to see the aforementioned elephant, which has a paralyzed trick because of the trauma, and her joints are severely damaged.

Her "job" is terrible: Every day she has to transport visitors of the circus on her back. More than six people are usually riding her, and the torture has made many users of the web angry.

Now many online petitions have landed online, with which people want to resist circuses around the world. Should circuses be banned from the possession of animals that live unhappily there from day to day?
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