Cyclist Points Finger At Driver, Then Smashes Into A Car

These days, a video from Sweden has landed on the YouTube network, where we can follow the real drama.

As the driver honked to the cyclist, he pointed finger and then soon experienced an instant lesson.

A video is coming from Sweden, where we can follow a real drama on the road - the driver of a car honked at a cyclist because he was riding on the road instead of on the bike path. This made the cyclist so angry that he simply showed him the middle finger, then got into a verbal argument with the driver.

The cyclist continued to ride and watched the driver behind him, ignoring what was happening in front of him. Soon after, he crashed into a standing vehicle and, according to many online users, got an instructive lesson.

Take a look at the scene that drivers in Sweden have witnessed these days. Did the driver of the car go too far with his honking or did the cyclist just deserve such a lesson?
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