Dog In China Sneaks Ice Cream While Owner Is Asleep

From China comes a cute video in which all the attention was stolen by a Labrador dog named Youyou.

While her owner was asleep, she stole the ice cream from the fridge in a cunning way, ate it and even threw the box into the bin.

The owner of Youyou noticed the next day that the ice cream had disappeared from the fridge. He reviewed the security camera footage, while quickly finding the culprit.

His dog cleverly stole the ice cream from the fridge, opened it, and finally ate it. She did not leave a trace of the missing ice cream - the dog even threw the packaging in the bin and licked the ice cream on the floor.

The video of the clever dog quickly became an online sensation, especially in China, and many Internet users are enthusiastic about Youyou's move. See how the dog carried out the ice cream theft!
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