Dog Jumps Into The Water Just To Retrieve Chocolate From Tourist Cruise

A special video clip from Norway has landed on the internet these days. Tobias Mandt captured a video of his dog at the seaside when he jumped into the water at the time of the arrival of a ship full of tourists and swam towards the vessel.

There he got a bag full of chocolate for the prize from crew members!

The owner of the puppy also shared the following explanation on the video: Already as a child, he and his brothers stayed by the sea, and each time ship arrived they jumped into the water and swam in their immediate vicinity.

One day, the crew decided to throw chocolate at them. It was an attraction for tourists, and they continue to keep the tradition going even today.

Because Tobias is older, the tradition has taken over by the Golden Retriever dog. Each time the ship arrives, the dog jumps into the water enthusiastically, as he knows he will get free chocolate from the crew. The owner also said that he did not give a chocolate to the dog, but he is always rewarded with delicious treats in return.
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