Driver Gets Into A Road Rage With A Telescopic Rod

From the Polish city of Piaseczno, south of Warsaw, comes a video from a car where we can follow the real drama.

One of the drivers stopped the vehicle from which the video was coming, and then tried to settle with the driver with a telescopic rod.

The driver of the vehicle from which the video comes overtook the unwise driver because he was driving too slowly. The other driver was more than obviously offended by this, so he opted for rather pointless retaliation.

He overtook the vehicle and then braked in front of the driver so that they both stopped. When he got out of the vehicle, he showed the driver his telescopic rod, but he made a fool of himself quite a bit in front of the camera.

The driver of the vehicle from which the video comes also forwarded the scenes to the police, who will certainly take action against the reckless driver. See what a drama the driver witnessed in the city of Piaseczno in Poland.
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