Driver Spots A Cow Out Of The Pasture, Then Unexpected Happens

Yesterday, a video clip was uploaded to the web, which took care for a lot of fun with its content. One of the drivers saw a cow along the road next to the pasture, who apparently wished for a little more freedom.

Driver stopped his vehicle, then took the sequel to the cell phone!

The driver gave the cow an order to return back to the pasture, but would the cow obeyed with such orders? Well, looks like it would!

The cow quickly took the instructions of the passer-by driver, then immediately returned back to the pasture. The clip quickly became a hit on the web - to date, it has reached over 150,000 views in just one day.

See how the cow in a video reacted to driver's orders! Many have written on the web that that cow certainly thinks that it is a dog...
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