FedEx Driver Quietly Shovels Snow Off Widow's Porch After Learning Her Husband Recently Died

Leigh Anne is the mother of three children living in a small town in Nebraska. Leigh Anne tried putting air back in her tires after a fairly severe snowstorm, but experienced a problem when trying to remove the stubborn cap.

As a parked vehicle of the FedEx delivery service was spotted on its street, she asked driver Brian for help.

She has known Brian before, as she had seen him repeatedly during the work when he delivered packages in her town. He was more than happy to help her with her car.

When they spoke in the cold, Brian learned the cruel fate that Leigh Anne had to deal with months ago. Because of cancer, her husband lost the battle for life at the age of 42. Brian was deeply affected by the fact that Leigh Anne became the single mother and a widow with three young children she would have to raise herself.

At that time, Brian forgot his job, took a shovel into his hands, and beautified the day of Leigh Anna by shoveling her porch. In the night before, the place was covered by a snow due to a snowstorm. Brian did not know that his good work was captured by a surveillance camera.

"Doorbell cameras don't only catch people stealing packages," Leigh Anne wrote on Facebook under the video which she shared with the world. Another proof that good people are still among us!
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