Futsal Player Refuses To Score After Opponent Goes Down Injured

Fair play plays a lot of weight in sports, and such moves also impress many fans across the globe.

Such was also the case during a futsal match in Spain, when one of the players earned a great deal of respect due to his sporting pursuit.

Caregena's futsal player Solano had sent the ball off the field right next to an open goal, as the opposing defense player got injured.

Zaragoza's Javi Alonso injured himself in the previus play. Instead of firing a shot, Solano impressed many with a fair play move, as he choosen to put the ball out of play.

The match ended with a score of 5:5, and Solano recieved even applause from his teammates and many spectators. A hat down for such a sportsmanship move that could no doubt be an example to many athletes!
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