Giant Brown Bear Stalking Child While His Father Captures Video On Camera

These days, a creepy video captured in the Italian Dolomites has been rounded up online.

During the walk, a bear sneaked up on the father and son, but they both kept their blood calm, and it all ended without major problems.

12-year-old Alessandro Breda from Italy was walking in the Dolomites with his father Loris Calliari when they were surprised by a bear. They kept their nerves calm, and the boy slowly moved away from the bear as instructed by his father.

The teenager told the Italian newspaper La Stampa that this was his best day of his life. He knew he shouldn't scare the bear with quick movements, so he slowly backed away.

The video was taken near the mountains, not far from Sporminore, where the family had a picnic. Take a look at the scene that rounded up online these days when a father and son were surprised by a bear in Italy.
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