Giant Squid Wraps Its Tentacles Around Paddle Board

Large squids are a genus of giant squid that inhabit the depths of the ocean. There is very little information about these creatures, as humans have rarely encountered them in the natural environment.

Nevertheless, videos can be found online in which giant squid were shot up close.

One such video landed online in 2017 when a surfer at sea experienced a close encounter with a giant squid. It grabbed his board with tentacles, and the whole scene was filmed on camera.

The giant squids measures up to 13 meters (42 ft) in length, but there have already been testimonies in the public that they have also seen a 20 meter (65 ft) long giant squid, but these claims have not been reliably confirmed.

Check out a video of a surfer encountering a giant squid not far from shore. How would you react if a giant squid would wrap its tentacles around your paddle board?
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