Grandma From Serbia Takes Her Dog Outside In Most Unusual Way

Strict measures are also in place in Serbia to curb the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus epidemic. Public transport has stopped and all outlets, restaurants and shopping centers have been closed.

There are also special measures for walking in public, and fear gave birth to an incredible idea for one grandma from Serbia.

Because the grandma from Serbia was afraid to leave the apartment, she took her puppy out for a "walk" right from her balcony on the first floor. She tied the puppy to a leash, then simply lowered it from the balcony.

Her neighbors filmed the scene on camera after the puppy was already on the ground, eventually capturing the moment when the grandma pulled puppy back into the apartment.

Innovation and imagination in humans clearly do not know the boundaries, and a grandma from Serbia is just another proof of this claim. Sometimes you jsut have to see things to believe it!
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