Hamster Babies Growing From 0 To 15 Days

Last year, another wonderful video landed on the YouTube network, in which the owner of the hamsters filmed the babies growing up in 15 days.

The female hamster gave birth to five babies, and their growing up touched many users online.

Hamsters are nocturnal animals by nature and are therefore not the most suitable for people who sleep at night and are active during the day. Hamsters quickly learn tricks, and watching these animals is a lot of fun. They are much smaller than guinea pigs, but at the same time hairy and attractive, so they are especially suitable for homes with less space.

The video, which landed on YouTube last year, is already a real success - it garnered almost 2 million views, and many online commentators are enthusiastic about the image of the little hamster babies.

See how the hamster babies grew up in 15 days in a video the author posted on the YouTube network in the past year. Will those little animals take over you too with their image?
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