Hero To Zero: Goalkeeper Scores And Then Gets Lesson Immediately

In football, every minute of the meeting can prepare us for an unexpected surprise.

Such was also the case at one of the matches in the Spanish league, where we could see a big turnaround twice in less than a minute.

The first surprise at the end of the match was provided by goalkeeper Carlos Aguayo, who defends the colors at Vinaros CF. He came into the attack himself, then fired a shot outside the penalty area and scored a goal.

As he returned to his goal line, a moment of inattention turned out from hero to zero. The opposing team quickly passed the ball from the middle, and then surprised the said goalkeeper - a new goal was scored.

The match ended with the result 2: 1 in favor of the ACD Peniscola team, and the unusual outcome will surely be remembered by the goalkeeper for all eternity. Yes, this is football too!
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