Hibachi Training Leaves Everyone In Laughter After Epic Egg Fail

Hibachi is a traditional plate from Japan used for food preparation. It is very popular among chefs, and the food prepared on the plate is always delicious.

Hibachi was also tested by a man in the video down belowe, and with his venture he laughed many!

He first showed his skills during the preparation, and the whole action was captured to the camera by his friends. At the same time, the amateur chef certainly did not even imagine in the dream that everything would end with a dose of laughter.

On the plate he placed chicken egg, and then in the style of the Japanese chefs threw the egg into the air. If he knew where it would end up, he would definitely not have done it.

Take a look at the scene with the Hibachi cooking plate, where the laughter really was not lacking. Well, we know how it goes: Practice makes perfect...
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