High Tide Brings Over 300 Tons Of Plastic Garbage In South Africa's Port

From the past month, horrible footage from South Africa is coming. There they witnessed massive floods, but soon after that they were also hit by a real ecological catastrophe.

In the port of Durban, the sea was covered by the mountains of plastic rubbish and other garbage, and the scenes quickly circulated the web.

The port area was completely covered with plastic, and the scenes made many to think again. There were more than 300 tons of plastic and other garbage in the port, and many residents are angry over government organizations, as they didin't take any actions.

The rubbish was floating on the sea for days, but nobody took care for cleaning.

See what kind of terrible scene they were witnessing last month in the seaside town of Durban, located in South Africa. Will we soon witness such a scenes in our country?
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