Ice Tsunami Leaves Spectators Speechless In Siberia, Russia

From Russia, here comes a very special scene along the river, where the "ice tsunami" can be seen. It is a rare occurrence when waves develop due to the earthquake, and the frozen river pours large amounts of ice on the banks.

That's the way it was in a video clip that has landed on the web these days!

On the Yenisei River, these days in Siberia, a very special scene was captured on camera, leaving many viewers around the world without words. A mini tsunami was created there, and the waves on the frozen river caused large pieces of ice to sink into the banks of the river.

At the clip, the authors wrote that this is without a doubt a great way to cool down in those hot summer days!

Take a look at what scenes these days were witnessed by inhabitants in Siberia, when large pieces of ice began to float on the banks of the Yenisei River!
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