Idiot Driver Refuses To Reverse, Leaving Internet Users Angry

A video from Poland has landed online, with many online users clinging to their heads.

The driver filmed a man who did not want to retreat with his Mercedes at any cost, even if he had to drive back only a few meters.

That human stupidity knows no borders is proved by a video from Poland, in which we can follow a real drama. Two drivers met on the narrow road and could not continue driving. One of them should backup by reversing, so that the traffic would flow normally.

The problem was that the arrogant driver of the Mercedes did not want to withdraw at any cost, even if he had to drive about 5 meters with his vehicle. Another driver would have to drive a few 100 meters in the case of a retreat.

The driver of the Mercedes soon got out of the vehicle and threatened the other driver that he will use his gun. See what the outcome is when you meet an idiotic driver on a narrow road.
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