Jumping Spider Eats Fly From Man's Hand

Jumping spiders always take us by surprise with their adorable image - many describe them as the most attractive species of spiders.

These days, a video landed on the YouTube network in which the author fed a jumping spider who found a roof over its head in his home.

YouTube user Paris Vaughn posted a sympathetic video on his channel in which he fed a jumper spider with a fly. The spider grabbed the prey right out of his hand, and the video impressed many users online.

Spiders from the jumper family have a characteristic angular front of the thorax, and most of them are very small. They are extremely good jumpers, both during the hunt for prey and during the escape from predators. They also have well-developed eyes and vision, and rely on this sense primarily in their search for food.

Watch a cute video with a jumping spider as it ate a fly out of video author's hand. Are you also fascinated by little jumping spiders?
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